Why a Portable Generator is a Great Toy to Own

Whether you’re an avid camper, weekend warrior in the yard and or love your tailgating, a portable generator is a great addition to your tool shed. Here I’d like to talk about the different gen-set styles, types and brands. But first, have a watch of this video by Consumer Reports, it’s a buy guide.

So what brand of generator should you get? In short, don’t buy on brand – buy on style. So let’s get right into the styles.

Camping/Inverter/Quiet - The best camping generators are the newer technology of generator – the inverter style. These have an inverter controlled by microprocessor to produce cleaner electricity. They are more quiet, more efficient, but more expensive per kW than their conventional generator counterparts.

They’re best for camping because of these reasons. They are very compact and light and easy to transport. And you don’t usually require extreme amounts of power when camping.

Conventional/Gasoline - The conventional gasoline generators are the most affordable and best for around the home or cabin. They can power your electric lawnmower if you’re too from main power. They usually come on wheels because they can be heavy. Get one of these if you’re only using it around the home.

Conventional/Propane - Propane generators are also great for camping, tailgating and RV’ing. They tend to be more expensive than gasoline powered gen-sets and provide less power for the size. However, they are more enviro friendly and often times (because of how long it stays in storage) more convenient because propane is more common to transport camping etc. Get one if you really want to be enviro friendly while using it.

Conventional/Professional - These big boys are the premium. They have automative grade parts and will last on the job-site. Get one if you rely on your generator to make a living.

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