Use this technology to increase your fitness

All the rage these days are pedometers to measure how many steps you take in a day. But a heart rate monitor worn during exercise is a much better description of your daily output than a pedometer. For an example, you could take 20,000 steps in 1 day, and you’d think you’ve done heaps of exercise. Don’t me wrong you HAVE moved a fair bit – but still – you’ve probably never raised your heart rate above resting by more than 15%. This means that a lot of the time you’ve just been bouncing the pedometer on your knee sort-a-speak.

So if I were to recommend 1 piece of sports technology for you to use I would recommend getting a heart rate monitor. It will accurately help you get more fit by training you within the proper heart rate zones – much like a personal trainer would. You can get these watches specific to the sport or activity you do. So weightlifting, workout classes, walking, biking or running are all covered with specific heart rate monitors.

Polar, Garmin and Timex are the main brand-names in the industry, with Polar being the inventor of heart monitors as we know them. Garmin tend to have the most sophisticated GPS watches and Timex one’s are catching up in price competitiveness, style and function. For more help finding the best heart rate monitor for your needs check out HRM Reviews as there are some great lists of great monitors according to your style or brand preference.

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