Pressure Washers: A Great Alternative to Garden Hose and Scrubbing

Next time your wife asks you to clean the gutters, you’ll be able to say, “yeah, no worries, dear.”

How is that possible? Well, with a  pressure washer you can easily just point the spray gun and it does the work for you. So what would have been a day or two job, is now half a day. Pretty nifty, hey?

So which pressure washer is best for your needs. Essentially they come in either electric or gas power. And either residential or commercial. So lets say you will use it at home to wash your car only. Then an electric one will suit your needs perfectly. For a full guide check out  how to choose a pressure washer buying guide. It will tell you the pros and cons of each.

If you’re in need of a more powerful everyday use power cleaner then probably gasoline power is your best bet. They’re more expensive, but yeah, more powerful. Check out the full range of all the best here:

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