Open Letter to Spa Owners With Grass Backyards

In my job I regularly have to go to people’s homes to fix their hot tub. Usually there’s an issue with the pump or temperature control/heater. And most of the time I simply do my job and replace or fix what needs to and be on my way.

But sometimes I need to look into the tub check the chemicals or something like that.

Some spas are above ground and some are below and some are surrounded by concrete and some by grass. This blog is to the grass backyard people.

“Hose off your feet before getting into the tub.”

The amount of grass I’ve seen in some of these spa’s is enough to clog the filter and cause premature failure cause the pump has to work too hard. So people please check some push or riding lawn mower reviews and buy the mower that suits your needs. It WILL save you money in the long. Keep your grass short and you’ll have less grass sticking to your feet.

Just two cents from a spa technician who sees many peoples backyards.

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