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Open Letter to Spa Owners With Grass Backyards

In my job I regularly have to go to people’s homes to fix their hot tub. Usually there’s an issue with the pump or temperature control/heater. And most of the time I simply do my job and replace or fix what needs to and be on my way. But sometimes I need to look into […]

Why a Portable Generator is a Great Toy to Own

Whether you’re an avid camper, weekend warrior in the yard and or love your tailgating, a portable generator is a great addition to your tool shed. Here I’d like to talk about the different gen-set styles, types and brands. But first, have a watch of this video by Consumer Reports, it’s a buy guide. So […]

Tried and Tested – Why Pumps Have Hardly Changed in 50 Years

Sump pumps are usually impeller submersible pumps and are float operated. This combination has not really changed in 50 years because it just works – sort of like the wheel. There are, however, many homes that still use pedestal pumps because they were more popular until submersible pumps became more reliable. Here we’ll look at […]

Pressure Washers: A Great Alternative to Garden Hose and Scrubbing

Next time your wife asks you to clean the gutters, you’ll be able to say, “yeah, no worries, dear.” How is that possible? Well, with a ¬†pressure washer¬†you can easily just point the spray gun and it does the work for you. So what would have been a day or two job, is now half […]